Saturday, December 17, 2016

Trump for Dummies

For those who like videos, here are a few.  First, the Na, Na Na Na, Goodbye tribute to George W. Bush during the Obama inauguration ceremony in January, 2009:

And now payback begins, a month prior to Donald Trump's inauguration:

I don't like such stuff.  It's adolescent, to say the least and does little more than feed the beast of divisiveness.  Trump is a populist.  His concern is for all Americans, sectarian though they may be.  A lot of people don't get that about him, but soon they will.  It's his strong suit.

For those who want to understand the Trump phenomenon, here's a speech from Newt Gingrich at the Heritage Foundation that lays it out forcefully, accurately and in historical perspective.  You can skip the introductions by going to the 4:30 mark.  Once you begin listening, you will want to hear it all::