Saturday, June 16, 2018


Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous - Einstein

Trump is The Boss:

A day of reckoning comes to us all, for some sooner than later.  Here's Johnny Cash's take on it:


The Girl's Got Game

These girls got game.  Check out this MLB video:

These are some impressive girls, aesthetically and athletically speaking.  I don't think they need to take a back seat to anyone, given what they were asked to do.  They demonstrate some serious hand-eye coordination and admirable fast-twitch muscles.  I could have seen the ball coming my way, but it would have passed by me before my body reacted.  I give credit where credit is due.  These girls got it done.  In fact, they make it look easy.

Current Policy Regarding Illegal Immigrants: Cruel and Unusual Punishment

I feel the outrage.

Recent complaints about how illegal immigration policy in the U.S. (courtesy of previous Presidents) separates mothers and families from their children make a point that I cannot rebut.  The policy is morally offensive and intellectually bankrupt.  Here are just a few examples of how cruel such a policy can be, courtesy of Twitter.  Click on the picture and you will find the twitter link below:

parteagirl says:
Many others can be named. 

Just sayin'

h/t:  minnie


In many instances, the children of Illegal immigrants also face separation anxiety, only their plight is brought upon them by their parents' decisions, much as a drug dealer facing prison time brings separation anxiety upon his children through no fault of their own.  It's sad, but it happens often.  Fortunately for the children of illegal immigrants, there are people who care about their well-being.  If only we took care of felons' families in American society so well.  Oy, veh.  Here's a report from DHS regarding care for the children of illegal immigrants.  A reporter took this video when he investigated the alleged problem:

I feel sorry for these illegal immigrant children, but not as sorry as for the children of felons in America whose crimes rip families apart.  Color me cynical.  Offer a better solution than just throwing more money at it, or hackneyed jeremiads that sound like moral pronouncements until one looks at them deeply.  Perhaps we need a border wall, much as Obama has around his own house in Washington, D.C., that will allow us to deal with our  internal problems before we volunteer to fix our neighbor's problems. 

You tell me.  I'm all ears.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Initial DOJ IG Report: First Blush Reactions

For those interested in current events, and assuming you have the free time, there's this for starters.

Don't waste your time reading the DOJ IG's summary and recommendations.  Take the time to read the body of the IG's report.   You will find it here:

That's where all the damning evidence is to be found.  This report will take time to digest.  Then action (i.e., criminal referrals) will be made in accordance with the details of the report.  No wonder Adam Schiff and Mark Warner didn't leak any of this information in advance of today's document dump.  If it was good news in their favor, we would have read about it last week in the pages of the NYTimes or WaPo.  That they didn't leak any of it tells you all you need to know.  It wasn't good news for them.

Do your homework and you will see.

For those of you who listened to Christopher Wray's public service announcement today -- during which he announced that ethics class attendance will now be required in the FBI -- please bear in mind several things: 

(i) he represents the investigative division, not the prosecutorial division, of the Justice Department,

(ii) he is not in a position the say whether someone should or should not be prosecuted for criminal acts,

(iii) he can only speak about methods and actions vis-a-vis the guidelines set forth in the FBI "faculty manual," and

(iv) he is thus the perfect person to offer a non-report report on the IG document dump ... which is exactly what he had to do. 

It sucks to be him today. 

I'm sure he was not the person who selected himself to give the public service announcement.  He has bosses, too, you know.  He did the best he could, given his limitations.

Anyway, it will be an interesting few weeks coming up.  Don't doubt for a second that Trump isn't two steps ahead.  If you do, you only will get more frustrated.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Grinding Racial Axes

Back in the 1960s, black and white football players lined up side by side.  They practiced together five days a week, cracking pads and banging helmets and picking one another up off the ground.  They ate together in the dining hall, dressed together in the locker room, and showered together after practice.  Those who performed the best got to start.  Skin color was secondary.  While much of the nation struggled over who can live in whose neighborhoods, athletes already understood how to get along.  It wasn't easy at first, but they were some of the first to understand that the only color that mattered was the color of their jersey.  It was a simple first step, for sure.  But first steps set the direction.  Many such steps came before.  And afterwards.  From both sides.  The steps soon became natural.  It's a shame that some want us to go backwards.  Athletes tell such a different story.

Race relations are not the tragedy that some would have you believe.  Skin color is so trivial for those who don't notice it.  Want an example?  Here's one, courtesy of Steve Harvey:

And while you're at it, here's another:

If that doesn't do it for you, go to a high school or college football game.  Ask players or their parents what their criteria are for discrimination.  Likely, they will tell you it's based on who can do the best job at their position.  They operate on a merit-based system.  As for others shouting "racism" in the media, ignore them.  They have axes to grind long after the forest has been cleared.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Press # to Continue

A friend sent me an email recently about the deep social rift in America.  Democrats were to blame, the email said.  I disagreed, adding that establishment Republicans were in on the scam as well.  Nonetheless, here is my response to the email:

"Democrats began lurching left when they began losing union support.  Steel and auto workers (unions) have tended historically to be flag-waving patriots who worked hard and loved their country.  Once union members began to bail on them at the ballot box (thanks to NAFTA), Democrat politicans reached deep into left field to recruit whatever activist oddball voters might still be out there – specifically, political activists among La Raza, LGBTQ, unhappy women, college kids taught by radical profs, New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, alleged #metoo victims, beta males, MS 13 gangbangers, other illegal immigrants, dead voters, and whoever else Democrats could scrounge up.  They regarded this strategy as a winning formula for America.  Hence, the modern Democrat party … and President Donald J. Trump."

Just check the 2016 voting map by county (per state) if verification is needed.  Here it is:

By the way, any voicemail recording you ever hear will tell you that "#" means "pound."  So what's up with this #metoo stuff?  Is the irony lost on them?

Thought I would pass this along.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

"Covfefe for the Win"

Thank you ... just thank you, Donald Trump.

I'm thinking of the alternative.

The Obama administration -- yes, you, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and Barry Soetoro -- claimed you would solve problems in the Middle East and elsewhere.  All that's needed is to pair ancient hatreds with modern weapons, right?  Problem solved.  I'm thinking of Libya and then Syria.  What could go wrong?  Thanks, Barry and Hill.  Major clean up in aisle six.  Enter the Donald.

Obama, Clinton, et. al. imagined (or presented) themselves as highly-moral foreign policy geniuses.  They knew what was best, and they were proud of their secret knowledge.  It might help to note that Joseph Stalin was a seminarian before he became a Soviet autocrat ... so full of ideas on how he could make the world much better than it was ... such as keeping the sea level from rising, don't ya know ... and then 20 million dead citizens later ... well ... that's how the Soviet worm turned.  God, how I fear such idealists, though I honestly think it was only a game for Barry.  Who doesn't like getting elected Class President?  I would have.  Just put me in the high school hallway, my eyes closed while I raise my chin toward the ceiling, just beneath the banner than announces me as the next high school President, and I'll pretend to look as though I just achieved nirvana.  Does it get any better than that?  I, too, was an idealist in my youth, until I read the Torah and Martin Luther.  They dispelled any impulses toward autocracy that I may have entertained.  Obviously, Obama and I read different books.  (Disclosure:  No one ever would have voted for me as class President, except for the two guys who bummed cigarettes from me each morning before school started.  If either is reading, you know who you are!)

Retrospectively, the only person who makes Barack Obama look good on the foreign policy front is Hillary Clinton, but let's not go there.  Yes, I'll skip over the Russian reset, the Ukraine, Uranium One, Libya, arms to Syrian "rebels," Qatar, Iran, Pakistan, and the Clinton Foundation.  The poor woman proved too greedy by half.  To her credit she traveled the world, sometimes sober, but always on the taxpayer's dime.  We've yet to learn what's on the Weiner laptop, but that's for another time.  Oy, veh.  What a disaster she was.

Then came Spygate.  Lordy.  I don't think anyone in the Obama administration thought Hillary would lose.  Hence their brazen abuse of intelligence tools.  I guess they all wore brown pants when they showed up to work on November 9, 2016.

Just remember that Hillary was expected to win the Presidency, hands down.  According to Nate Silver in August, 2016, there was a 93% chance that no one would need to ask forgiveness or seek permission.  Hillary would make sure of that.  Her conspirators agreed.  Yes, I'm talking to you, Mssrs. Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Comey and acolytes, along with the Clintons and minions in the upper echelons of the DOJ and IC.  You folks are a bunch of tools.  Did I mention Sally Yates and Loretta Lynch, two other ideological muppets of the narrative?  Nice job, you hounds of sedition porn.  Problem is, your version just won't come out clean in the wash.  But I will give you credit.  It almost worked.  I think we all agree that Hillary was the problem.  Poor girl.  She just didn't get it.

Now the backlash begins.  The House Intelligence Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee have taken charge.  Plus Trump with his tweets.  And Muehler's fiascos.  It's too late for Trump's opponents.  He outsmarted them all.  I guess they failed to realize he was raised on the streets of New York, a tough guy in a city of tough guys.  The best is yet to come.

But don't sell the Democrats short.  Enter stage left comes the most recent MSM distraction, namely, Stormy Daniels.  Yes, she's three or four news cycles old, but the MSM just won't let her die.  And I have a minimum of respect for her.  After all, at least aka Stormy Daniels acknowledges what business she's in.  She never claimed it's for God and Country.  Nor do others who understand her stock-in-trade.  Apparently she's the only one who knows how business works on the street.  I suspect that Brennan, Clapper, et. al., will soon realize the ins and outs of her trade.

My call?  It's covfefe for the win.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is all in the news these days.  Of course, if you read only Yahoo, Google, or the MSM, you might be in the dark.  Otherwise, it's big news.  Let me explain.

If you are for Net Neutrality, you are for government control and regulation of the internet.  Ignore the term "neutrality."  The term is nothing more than a political gimmick.  It's a misnomer, nothing more than political jargon for government supervision.  Think DMV.  Or any other government solution you can think of ... such as the war on poverty that began in the 1960s and has only gotten worse since then.

On the upside, those who oppose net neutrality not only have free market ideas on their side, but they also have a good sense of humor, something sadly lacking among those on the left.  By way of example, and for those who enjoy humor as well as common sense, here's the current Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, who happens to be a free market guy.  Notice his smile, which will insult all your friends on the left.  Enjoy:

Out of the Mouth of Babes and Infants ...

Too good not to share. 

This child is eleven years old.  On your best day, can you speak extemporaneously and with such acumen as does this girl?  I dare you.  Forget politics and petty differences for a moment and listen to the young generation to follow.  Some of them know east from west, the Atlantic from the Pacific, even without a high school diploma.  It's heartening.

Have a listen:

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Trump's Revenge on Republicans and Democrats

Trump is sooo into the heads of Ryan and McConnell.  He owns them now. They are his tools, along with most of their seasoned colleagues.  Democrats, too.  Wishing for a kill shot, Schumer bellied up to the bar like a drunken sailor and offered Trump a deal on fiscal borrowing and spending through December, 2017 that he meant to be used as ammunition in the mid-terms, assuming Trump would never accept it ... much like Republicans who for seven years passed one Obamacare repeal after another, knowing each would be voted down or vetoed. Political partisanship is that cynical and maddening.  Then Trump flashed that grin of his and accepted Schumer’s offer.  And it was like, Huh? Wait. Seriously?  Like the old Abbott and Costello routine, no one could figure out who was on first. Trump walked into the room and handed them a script that was off cue. None of them expected it. The politicos then went into ad lib mode. The Republican version went something like this: Um ... er ... well, let's see ... geez, I don't know, so....  Worse yet, the Democrats smiled, thinking they held the better hand, especially after Trump applauded Chuck and Nancy by their first names for offering such good ideas.  That's when they all knew he owned them.  If only Hemmingway was around for another go at The Old Man and The Sea, this time with sharks as the protagonist.  Talk about a good read.

I don't know what will happen next.  That's the joy of it.  Trump is doing exactly what he was elected to do.  A shark attack is not pleasant.  Neither is a colonoscopy, which is now being administered to Congress.  Both are intrusive.  Shark attacks can be vicious. Trump, at least, uses a glove and a middle finger.