Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Stream of Consciousness on the Fourth of July

I like what I've seen of Niall Fersugon over the years.  His bona fides are listed in the citation below. He knows how to call stupid people stupid in delicate terms, or else call them out up front when needed. Nonetheless, the Guardian quotes him as saying Trump may prove to be "a success in spite of himself." I won't say Ferguson is quoted in context, because I don't know.  But here's the Guardian's version:

But politics, after all, is often a battle of perceptions. Niall Ferguson, a British historian and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution in Stanford, California, said in May: “I think one of the things Guardian readers, and their counterparts on the American coasts, don’t want to think about is the possibility that despite his obvious ineptitude, Trump might actually be successful...
It doesn’t take an awful lot for a president to start looking good. If the expectations start really low, which they have done, ... I definitely don’t rule out a kind of ‘success in spite of himself’ scenario.

How laughable.  Trump's ineptitude?  Success in spite of himself?  Seriously?

I swear, the anti-Trump folks still don't get it.  It's not "in spite of" but "because of" himself that he keeps winning.  Trump knows exactly what he is doing.  Has anyone even noticed his accomplishments these past six months?  Trump understands the dysfunction of Washington politics.  He's known it for a long time.  Just go back and look at what he told Oprah in the 1980s.  He didn't invent his political platform in 2016. He's been preaching it for decades.  And he's been right for decades.  Only, he didn't run for President until 2015.  I think he was waiting for tweets to be invented.

Have a look-see, circa 1988:

I have no research at hand, but I believe most Trump voters didn't care whether he ran as a Democrat or a Republican.  They would have voted for him either way.  What resonated was his message.  In their view, he is not a political bobble-head. He seems to believe his message.  More importantly, he has a track record for getting things done in grand style and with a flourish. He's the boss -- and a good one -- first and foremost. Did I mention that he finally decided to run for President ... and won?

Trump has faced adversity but has never allowed himself to be beaten into submission. Like Phoenix, he rises time and again.  Defeat is anathema to him. What's not to like about that?  Especially if you've been beaten down yourself.  Trump branded himself as a winner, someone who thinks big and attempts big things, a person who believes in himself and is driven to succeed. I have a brother who is much the same way.  Trump shows up for work every day and manages the smallest details.  Yet he knows how to delegate responsibility and let others do what they do best.  He praises good work and chastises slackers.  He creates an international business enterprise and produces monuments of sterling quality.  That he also knows how to succeed on television is amazing. The guy truly is remarkable.  Does he know how to brand himself, or what? Oprah could have the same effect on American politics if only she understood Main Street the way Trump does, but she doesn't, not by a long shot.  But she does understand her audience. Trump does, too.  It is another forte of his.  Hence, tweets.

Contrast that with Barack Obama, a well-read man and glib speaker who never built anything, never hired or fired employees, understood almost nothing about Main Street or working for a living, and had no concept of what a P&L looks like, much less all those numbers on the page.  If he was caught off-guard in an unscripted moment, sans teleprompter, his cadence slowed and he inserted the word "uh" every three syllables or so, like an insecure person groping blindly for the correct or acceptable thought.

I don't sell Barack Obama short.  He was good at what he did.  Ultimately, he proved to be an exceptional defensive fighter.  He knew how to duck jabs and avoid the sneaky right hook.  He knew when to smile after getting hit, and how to grin at the crowd so as not to appear hurt.  Let's face it, the guy knew how to survive a fight without getting knocked out.  Only problem is, he had no offense.  He threw punches the same way he throws a baseball and rides a bike -- like a sissy.  It's a kinship issue he shares with most of his fawning media, all like-minded souls.  Not that I'm being snarky or whatnot.

Having said this, I'll also add that Obama apparently is a likable guy behind the scenes. Most people who know him enjoy his company, or so I have read, and also his insight and wit.  I can respect that.  He seems to be a smart guy, academically and politically. I have a few well-educated friends whose company I thoroughly enjoy.  They make me a smarter person just for being around them.  Obama strikes me as that kind of man. Only, such people should never try to lead a country.  They aren't fit for the job, same as me, unless there's an opening in North Korea. They lack the requisite skills to guide a nation.  They are not leaders by nature and have no instinct for battle or compromise.
They are, quite simply, friends who know a thing or two about certain topics of interest, same as Obama, only they're not as shrewd as him.

That being said, if Obama decides to stump for Democrats in 2018, he is well-advised to steer clear of Trump.  Otherwise, there will be more than one tweet about "losers" and "sissies" coming his way.  Trump is a natural-born leader.  And a fighter.  He knows his way inside the ring.  His punches rarely miss.  And he has little respect for pretenders. He reminds me of Roberto Duran back in the day.  Strictly business.

Speaking of the Obama administration, isn't it nice to know that Amateur Hour has finally come and gone?  The political slick-willies, tenderfoot PR personnel, academic ideologues, cynical intelligence officials, and their Chicago hacks are finally in the rear-view mirror.  Goodbye and good riddance.  America paid a lot of debts the last eight years. Most of them were questionable to begin with.  Anyway, the debts are paid.  La Raza, BLM and Antifa are now fading from the ledger sheet.  They are ending the way they began, bankrupt and worthless.

Tomorrow never felt better.