Saturday, November 5, 2016

Clinton Screwed by Weiner

You knew the title was coming sooner or later.  Ironical, but true.

I hear Anthony Weiner is singing to the FBI.  When you have to swing without a net, you value your life differently.  The people who want information from you may not like you, even if they say they do.  If you are guilty, and you try to screw with them after the safety net is gone, the result could be a thud.  It's a frightening way to do trapeze if you've never done it before.

Apparently Huma, during her years working for Clinton at the State Department, thought she was regularly backing up her smart phone contact list to her home computer. That's the latest version, at least.  Apparently, inadvertently, she backed up all her emails as well. Perhaps hundreds of thousands of them.  You know, the emails that didn't exist if Hillary's parsing of the English language is to be believed.  Maybe soon we will know.

Sadly for Huma and Hillary, all Huma's emails were scrubbed by Platte River Networks before anything was offered to the FBI.  Apparently Huma never used her email server for State business.  In four years.  Ever.  Yet Huma was the only State Department aide with a email address.  Curious, eh, that no Huma emails were turned over to anyone in regard to Hillary Clinton's private server?  I don't blame Huma so much.  She trusted her boss.  And she probably made some honest mistakes.  Or careless mistakes.  Then again, that excuse was used so often at the Nuremburg trials.

Then the Weiner rose to prominence.  Prodigiously.

Most of us who read of a local person busted for kiddie porn know that such investigations are handled at the local level.  Local PD.  Local DA.  And lots of local embarrassment.  You get your picture in the paper and authorities take it from there.  Usually it involves solicitation of sex by an adult who hasn't shaved in three days or cut his grass in a month.  The result is jail time.  And then you never hear of him again.

As I understand it, Weiner posted a photo of his aroused state -- with his underwear still on -- to a person who turned out to be 15 years old.  Does that sort of thing require the Feds to get involved? That's not how it happens around here.  Unless its a case of kidnapping or child smuggling, the locals handle it.  My hunch is that, on the eve of an historic election, someone knew something about Huma's computer backup practices -- perhaps someone in the intelligence community? -- who tipped off someone else who had an axe to grind with...hmm...let me speculate...the DOJ?...James Comey?...Barack Obama?...enough so that it was pitched up to the state and/or federal level and jumped on by NYPD and related FBI agents, who may have their own axes to grind.

Hey.  Just sayin'.

h/t:  last refuge

To add another twist, it seems the State Department and the FBI have not found a single email between Hillary Clinton and the White House dating from September 11 to September 18, 2012. That's Benghazi week.  Perhaps Clinton and the White House weren't on speaking terms. Then again, maybe they were talking about homemade movies that reflect poorly on Islam.  When talking about bin Ladin's death, Clinton gleefully announced that we came, we saw, he died.  Sounds like she and the White House were a pretty tight-knit group when major world events were unfolding. Where does Benghazi fit in among major events?  Things just get curioser and curioser.

In a totally unrelated matter, it seems that some major voter fraud has been uncovered in Broward County in south Florida, a pivotal area in the general election. Get down into the weeds to learn more.

The battle is on.  Trump has played Clinton like the fool she is.  And he has allies.