Saturday, November 5, 2016

If You Vote, Your Victory Will Be Sweet

If you've got time, watch these three videos back to back  The second video is imbedded in the link:

Here is the core of Trump's message to America.  It makes clear why he is such as threat to a tightly-knit global political matrix that opposes him:

Corporate media, including Rupert Murdoch's FOX News, is part of that global political network. Why?  Because they fear Trump cannot be bought and will not play by the rules that they have demanded every politician must play by in order to get elected.  They want TPP.  They want open borders.  They expect to keep taking trillions of dollars each year from the wallets of the middle class. Trump threatens their bottom line.

Britt Hume is one of Murdoch's more reliable mouthpieces at FOX News.  In this video, he is interviewing a ground reporter from the battleground state of North Carolina.  Hume expects to hear how Evan McMullin's presence in the race will probably help Hillary beat Trump in NC.  Instead, Hume hears the opposite, and he doesn't like it one bit. Listen as Hume says "Wrap him!  Wrap him!" so listeners won't hear what the ground reporter is saying.   You'll find the video here at The Last Refuge.

Finally, you get a sense of just how determined the global political matrix is to put Hillary in the White House.  Julian Asange probably read more emails about the Clinton's tentacles of influence than any person alive.  I mean, what else has he had to do these past few years.  Assange says the global matrix (or network of powerful global interests), in which Hillary Clinton plays an important role, simply will not allow Trump to win the Presidency:

                                         h/t:  American Thinker

Hmm.  We'll see how that works out on Nov 8.  Vote like it matters.