Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sunday Reflections

Remember this guy?  To set the tone on a Sunday morning:


Jesus of Nazareth.  Does anyone remember him?  He wasn't an establishment kind of guy.  Or crazy. If only today's activists understood.  They break windows.  Burn cars.  And beat up anyone who disagrees with them.  They waste time trying to stop the wind with a machine gun.  And to make matters worse, they point their guns downwind.  You can't fix stupid.  Of course, their "righteous destruction" is big news to the MSM.  It fits their narrative.  Your feel-good fifteen minutes of fame is just a match stick away, I suppose.

Jesus was an activist, too.  But aiming in a different direction.  And he changed history.  Why? Because his convictions had substance.  His fingers were on the pulse of real life.  So pick a side. Then wake me up.  Some diatribes are too boring to endure. This applies to everyone.

Image result for jesus asleep in church


Speaking of F-bombs, how about "Faith," I hear it's actually healthy for you  Shocker.  Here's but one testimonial:

A new study has found that religious and spiritual beliefs can have significant impacts on the health outcomes of cancer patients, though the specifics vary depending on their beliefs. An analysis of three studies relating to how cancer patients’ physical and mental health was influenced by their beliefs was published Monday in the journal CANCER.
The first study analyzed patients’ physical health and found that patients who reported feeling greater levels of religiousness and spirituality also showed better health, greater ability to function in their daily lives, and fewer physical symptoms from the cancer and its treatment.
"These relationships were particularly strong in patients who experienced greater emotional aspects of religion and spirituality, including a sense of meaning and purpose in life as well as a connection to a source larger than oneself," lead author Heather Jim of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida, said in a press release.
You can find plenty more articles online, and from reputable sources, if you're interested.  Such as here, and here, and here.  If not, may I suggest you aim your machine gun upwind.  At least it will make you feel like you're accomplishing something.  Meh.