Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mine Hour Has Come

Is this the greatest election cycle ever, or what?  I mean, E.V.E.R.R.R!  

It's delicious.  Filled with imbroglios, accusations, colorful characters and gut-wrenching angst.  There’s never been a moment like this before.  Check your history books.  This is one for the records.

On one side stands the nation state.  On the other, the global village.  Each side has their sleeves rolled up.  Fists are clenched.  Lines have been drawn in the sand. Of course, it doesn't have to be one or the other -- also known as the fallacy of false cause -- but this election is shaping up as a truly world-historical event.  Trade and immigration are the two big issues.  Carbon taxes, too, though they have taken a back seat lately, given the uncooperative nature of the sun.  Hundreds of trillions of dollars are at stake.  That’s the real game we’re playing, whether you know it or not.  We’re talking long term.  Ten, twenty years.  And all that money is coming out of your wallet.  And mine.  Our vote matters.  So show up on November 8. 

And if you're Hillary, never say things can't get worse.  There's always tomorrow. 

The White House remained neutral on the appropriateness of Comey reopening its Clinton email investigation.  Josh Earnest did announce, however, that "the President believes... Director Comey is a man of integrity...of principle...(and) a man of good character," a sentiment also echoed by the Clinton campaign and Democrat leadership in general, who jubilantly insisted this past July that Comey demonstrated non-partisan courage and ...  Huh?  Wait!  What?  Apparently, the Clinton camp has changed its tune. Her supporters now suggest that Comey, a Bush appointee, is trying to influence the election in favor of Trump.  The implication is that Comey rushed to judgment, and that the only good solution now is for him to rush the release of all those Huma emails before November 8, something that is not possible, prudent, or legal.  

Poor Loretta Lynch.  She's in a bind.  And she put herself there.  It was Lynch who agreed to meet with Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac just days before Comey's press conference in July. Remember?  So how can she openly criticize Comey even though he went against her recommendation not to announce the continuation of the Clinton email investigation? Oh, she can criticize him on grounds of impropriety, but then, there's that tarmac meeting in July.  See the problem.  But wait.  There's more.  She also has appointed Assistant AG Peter Kadzik to oversee the new Huma/Hillary investigation.  Does that name ring a bell?

We learn through recent Wikileaks that Peter Kadzik is a former classmate and longtime friend of John Podesta.  Kadzik was the private attorney who represented billionaire Mark Rich in his infamous midnight hour pardon by Bill Clinton in 2001. Rich's wife made a generous donation to the Democratic party about that same time.  The FBI investigated that donation in 2001.  It looked fishy.  John Podesta was Bill Clinton's chief of staff at the time. These days, some fifteen years later, the same John Podesta is Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign manager.  Podesta had dinner with Kadzik the night after Hillary's Benghazi Committee hearing in 2015.  The same Kadzik is now a DOJ Assistant Attorney General under Loretta Lynch. He has been assigned to oversee the Huma/Hillary investigation. See how it works?

You think Tuesday's FBI tweet was simply the response to a court-ordered release of Mark Rich documents dating back to 2001?  Please tell me you don't.  I know.  This stuff gets confusing.  It makes your head spin.

Do you remember old movie scenes where British radio would broadcast news updates on the latest Nazi incursions into Europe during WWII?  Down in France, patriots dressed in berets and wrinkled shirts would gather in a farm cottage and tune in the radio, listening for a coded message imbedded in the public broadcast.

That appears to be what someone in the FBI did yesterday. They sent a seemingly innocuous tweet into the public domain that insiders would immediately recognize as a coded message.  

They suspected that certain people would link to the attached file and read it with a curious eye.  And when they did, they were reminded of the connection between Kadzik and Clinton that stretched back twenty years.  The same Kadzik, amazing as it seems, who worked with Bill Clinton's administration to pardon Mark Rich, who is best friends with Hillary's presidential campaign manager, and who now has been authorized by our DOJ to oversee the latest Clinton corruption scandal.  Or do I repeat myself?

This is high drama, folks.  The tension is mounting.  Sphincters are tightening all around D.C. War is hell. There ain't no two ways about it.  God, how I love the internet.  And the FBI.

Did I mention this is the greatest election cycle ever?  If not, I should have.  

Drain the swamp, says Trump.  I hope he means it.  Hillary certainly doesn't.

Stay tuned.