Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hump Day Haute

Georgia voters went to the ballot box on Tuesday.  The sixth congressional district in the Atlanta area was up for grabs. It was Dem v Rep -- Ossoff v Handel -- to replace congressman Tom Price.  It turned out to be the most expensive Democratic congressional race in history, something to the tune of $30 million pouring in from Democrat organizations nationwide. Jon Ossoff, aka Pajama Boy, was their candidate.  Democrats desperately needed a win.  A symbolic smackdown of Trump was the plan.  Money was not an object, even obscene amounts of campaign money. Democrats wanted to show that Americans disapprove of Trump and all he stands for.  To make their point, they invested an historic sum to convince you Georgians to vote for this mensch:

Image result for pajama boy

Yes, him.  Seriously.  Mr. Smirky Lips with the notched eyebrows and condescending gaze.

Then election day came and weather happened.  Heavy rains fell in the afternoon.  Some feared it would dampen voter turnout.  Democrat precincts got the worst of it.  Who says God lacks a sense of humor?

I'm still laughing my Ossoff at the results.  Handel won easily, 52% to 47%.  Hardest hit was CNN. No victory yet for Democrats in this years special elections.  Georgia was their last great hope.