Saturday, June 10, 2017

Random Thoughts

Is it just me, or do you hate YouTube videos narrated by synthetic voices as much as I do?  They seem to have been programmed by someone trying to imitate the Japanese-Norwegian dialect of an ESL graduate, replete with annoying pauses after every three syllables. You know the one's I'm talking about. They sound like this:  Today it ... was revealed ... that Pre-si-dent Don ... ald Trump ... tweet-ed about ... Sen-a-tor Chuck ... Schumer ....  The phrase "Breaking News" or "Bombshell" is often in the title.  But the only thing breaking is the flow of the voice-over.  Plus, I dislike writers who insert fancy foreign phrases in place of simple English.  They think it makes them sound sophisticated, but it doesn't.  Those are just two of my bete noires.


I enjoy Scott Adams' blog.  He created the Dilbert cartoon you've seen for years in the comic section of your newspaper.  He hypes himself as an expert in persuasion.  Based on his entries, I believe he has reason to brag.  He's insightful.  The only gripe I have is that his entries tend to get repetitive after a while.  Still, he's good at hitting the target.


Did James Comey strike a plea deal with Mueller prior to his testimony on Thursday?  It's an interesting question.  Some of the questions Comey was asked at the hearing seemed orchestrated, such as whether he might have leaked info to the press, to which he stunningly admitted he had done, on purpose at that, and with the intent of getting a special prosecutor appointed who would investigate an issue that Comey himself admitted was not an issue -- namely, that Trump colluded with Russia and then obstructed a criminal investigation into a crime that hasn't yet been committed! Comey also outed Loretta Lynch on the Hillary email investigation, which, curiously enough, draws Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama into the crosshairs.  Payback is hell, isn't it?

Just how much does Donald Trump know? He seems to be playing three-dimensional chess with people who only know Chinese checkers.  Did Trump discover that the Green Room in the White House had been bugged?  Consider this quote from Time magazine in February of this year, in regard to Trump's renovations in the White House:
But few rooms have changed so much so fast as his dining room, where he often eats his lunch amid stacks of newspapers and briefing sheets. A few weeks back, the President ordered a gutting of the room. “We found gold behind the walls, which I always knew. Renovations are grand,” he says.... 
Hmm.  Gold behind the walls?  And then came this tweet from President Trump back in May, after he fired Comey:

What gold did Trump discover?  Did he find something hidden in those walls that Comey knew about but didn't tell?  Something that required a FISA court order based on a false dossier?  Was intelligence being gathered on behalf of Obama and Hillary, or on behalf of an FBI director who understood how the game is played?  I don't know.  Trump seems to know things we don't know. And he seems to be putting people on notice that the ruse is over.  Listen:

Folks, this is high drama.  Comey painted himself into a corner with his testimony on Thursday. There may be no escape for him, short of a pardon, though that pardon may not extend to his lawyer "friend" at Columbia Law School, who now has gone missing.  If such is the case, the Clinton network will begin to unravel before our eyes, and sooner than anyone expected.

Did I mention that Trump and Bannon are both admirers of Sun-tzu's Art of War?  If the Clinton/Obama cabal cannot bring him down, Trump will bring them down.  And he will do it before they even know what hit them.  That's the Sun-tzu version.  The battle between Trump and his adversaries is a fight to the finish.  Only one person will be left standing.  My money is on Trump. Trump understands Sun-tzu cover to cover.  So does Bannon. People wonder why Trump likes Bannon so much.  It's all about the art of war.  Alinsky should have read it.  As an aside, just because you don't hear much about Jeff Sessions these days doesn't mean he is idling away his time at the DOJ.  He's been busy.  And Washington's power players are sweating bullets.  Many are cutting their losses, Republicans as well as Democrats, looking to cover their backsides as the Trump train picks up speed.  This could get ugly.

Not that the media wants you to connect these dots.  Their version reads "President Trump went out and hit some balls today."  What they will not tell you is that he wasn't golfing.

h/t:  Sundance