Friday, June 16, 2017

Just for Kicks and Giggles

Okay, time for a show of hands.

Raise your hand if you believe that Donald Trump, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, et al were blindsided by news that Bob Mueller had a prior and perhaps close personal affiliation with James Comey before Mueller was hired as special counsel?

Keep your hand up if you believe it never dawned on them that Mueller might give Comey the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.

Keep your hand up if you believe the Trump administration never talked with Mueller about a potential conflict-of-interest before selecting him as Special Counsel.

Keep your hand up if you think Mueller's selection -- made a day after Comey's acknowledged leak to the NY Times -- was a knee-jerk reaction by Rod Rosenstein and the Trump administration.

Keep your hand up if you think Mueller is corrupt and will do all he can to bring Trump down.

Keep your hand up if you think such a thing would never dawn on Trump before Mueller's appointment.

Keep your hand up if you think Rod Rosenstein, Never-Trumpers, and Obama/Clinton minions in the Deep State pulled the wool over the eyes of Trump, Bannon, Sessions and all of Trump's loyal inner circle in order to inject a prejudiced Mueller into the Get Trump Russia investigation.

Keep your hand up if you believe Trump's counselors vehemently opposed Mueller's selection but somehow have managed to keep quiet about it -- and not leak it to the press -- from then to now.

Keep your hand up if you believe Trump and his inner circle are stupid.

Keep your hand up if you believe you are not stupid.

Those of you who never raised your hand can leave the room.

For those with your hands still up, I have only one more question:  When you saw that goat caught head-first in the fence last night, did you or did you not ... ?   It's okay.  The goat forgives you.


If you're Donald Trump, the conversation goes something like this:

We are investigating you for a possible violation of the IRS code.  

Is it serious?

We hope so.

What law do you think I have broken?

We don't know.

What evidence do you have?

None yet.  


It's an open investigation.  We'll be looking at your tax returns for the next three years. We believe something may turn up.


No, that was last month.

That's how much sense it makes.