Monday, June 12, 2017

The Clinton Coup d'Etat is not Working as Planned

Are we in the midst of a coup d'etat to remove Donald Trump as President?  I don't mean a military coup, obviously, but something just as seditious.  It sure seems that way.

The groundwork for the coup looks to have been laid with the claim of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election.  The claim has never been shown to have affected voters.  Or voting machines.  And no one has offered an explanation for how the Russians failed so miserably in areas that Hillary was expected to win handily, and did win as expected, along both the east and west coasts.  Are those folks too brain dead to be influenced by competing ideas?  I guess so.  Anyway, I'm still waiting for something definitive beyond Russian influence over RT and social media, coupled with manufactured digital signature versions of emails from "Guccifer 2."  Seriously? That's all our IT can come up with?  Social media programming and an imaginary person called "Guccifer 2?"  I would have expected more.

Anyway, the Russia meme proved successful not only with Hillary's base but also with the MSM, who found the accusation quite elastic, given the many ways it can be spun.  It appears the meme originated when internal polling suggested that Hillary might lose the election -- a shocking prospect -- or else was invented to explain the wikileaks of DNC emails, or both.  Curiously, the Obama administration hyped the Russia angle prior to the election but didn't find it troubling enough to do anything about it. Hillary knew otherwise.  If that f***ing bast**d wins, we'll all hang by nooses, she reportedly screamed within earshot of NBC crew members.  Who knew she was a prophet?  Then came November 8, the day all hell broke loose.  At this point, the Russia meme became a full-throated accusation, unleashed in force, announced as an incontrovertible fact, with the added twist that Trump or his campaign had been conspiring with the Russians all along to steal the election. You know the story.  It's been beaten into our heads for the past six months.  I won't belabor it further.

Then came Thursday, July 8, 2017.  The Russia diatribe had reached a fevered pitch.  Comey was to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Over a six month period, the Russia meme had morphed from voting machine manipulation to social media propaganda to Trump campaign collusion to Trump's direct attempt to obstruct justice. A malleable concept indeed.

Trump is going down, his opponents gloated on Thursday morning.  Comey will tell it like it is.  And he did, sort of.  His supporters were caught off guard.  It seems he told too much, none of it good for him or them.  Of course, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee knew otherwise -- as probably did the media --  since they already knew Trump was not under investigation by the FBI. But they tried to look concerned anyway.

What ended up happening this past Thursday was the political equivalent of the Battle of Gettysburg, only the outcome was reversed.  In this new Civil War, the Union is none other than the vastly superior and deeply entrenched Army of the Potomac -- comprised of the military-industrial complex, energy and telecommunications conglomerates, Wall Street, wealthy aristocrats, Hollywood and the MSM -- all orchestrated by the Clinton Machine.  Most Republicans and almost all Democrats in Congress are allied with the Union.  After all, that's where the money comes from that keeps them in office. The modern Rebel adversary is Donald Trump, who leads his undermanned and outgunned troops in Pickett's charge.  As the smoke clears, we discover that Trump has won the day.  The consequences are momentous.  His victory marks a turning point in the war.

Let me leave the military metaphor and switch to one that has more the smell of truth.  With Comey out, the Clinton machine and the Deep State lose the sewer lid that once kept their stench beneath the street. A vile miasma now wafts up into public consciousness.  Trump is the one who removed the lid by removing Comey. He knew that Comey guarded secrets beneath the street. Trump had to work in that sewer for most of his professional career. He knew what games had to be played to buy properties, acquire zoning approvals, get permitting, cut through red tape and get special permissions, yadayada. You never get something for nothing in the political world he lived in.  Everyone has their hand out for one kind of kickback or another. Trump knew many of the sewer rats by name, and others by reputation.  He knew their appetites and their habitat. And they knew that he knew how things work in that dark and cavernous pit.  He also knew they would try to drag him into the cesspool and drown him if there was any way possible.  Why? Because Trump didn't need handouts from them.  He didn't need the stench or the filth.  He was neither a sycophant nor a beggar.  That made him dangerous.  Comey's job was to get him.  But get him by the book ... under cover of law.  It looks better that way.

To survive and win, Trump's first yuge step would require him to remove the sewer cover and let America get a whiff of what's down there.  Trump was raised on the streets of New York City.  He knows which alleys lead to trouble.  And he's a fighter.  He can punch and counter-punch. He seems to have adopted Teddy Roosevelt's advice to talk softly and carry a big stick. only Trump's not so good at talking softly.  Did I mention he's a New Yorker?  Fight though he will, he also understands the art of the deal. Big deals require patience and planning.  Knee-jerk reactions aren't helpful unless they are strategic and part of a larger strategy.  We just saw one play out this past Thursday.

Trump knew that with Comey in office, his best efforts to challenge corruption would be deflected, stalled, manipulated or ignored. Just think back over the past two years.  Comey made sure the Clinton Foundation investigation didn't go anywhere.  He made sure whistleblower Dennis Montgomery did not get a hearing at the FBI.  He made sure the Clinton email scandal, the Huma Abedin laptop revelation, the CrowdStrike server fiasco, and other sewer leaks were capped and sealed. And, of course, Loretta Lynch did her part at the DOJ, entrusting prosecutorial powers to James Comey while ensuring that aiders and abettors were immunized in advance of Congressional investigation.  But Comey proved too clever by half.  He walked out of the Congressional hearing with his reputation in tatters.  Trump now leaves Gettysburg and marches on Washington.  It may take a while, but I believe he will get there.  As he said on the campaign trail in 2016 to a crowd of eager supporters, Sorry to keep you waiting, folks.  It's complicated business.

Interestingly, it appears that even the Obama people are turning on the Clinton machine in public Here's Van Jones.  Curiously missing from his diatribe against the DNC and the Clinton Presidential campaign is any reference to Russia:

In the main, Democrats are lurching farther and farther left.  How else to hold onto their coalition of aggrieved victims, misfits, underachievers and malcontents?  The lurch left includes a taxonomy of words and gestures that reveal the deeper workings of their heart.  It's not good when your Democrat senator from NY drops f-bombs in public, the head of your party's national committee claims that Republicans don't give a s**t about people  and California's state Democratic Chairman leads attendees in a chant of F*** Donald Trump as others join the mantra and raise a middle finger. Profanity-laced tirades are the last refuge of losers.  Classy?  No.  Adult?  Hardly.  Desperate?  Yes.

The war is not over.  But a major victory has been won -- a victory that may prove decisive in the end.  Until then, expect the wounded to fight more tenaciously than ever, if only out of despair.  This war isn't just about political careers and reputations.  Those folks are but pawns on the Washington chess board.  More importantly, it is about trillions of dollars at stake by those vested in the Deep State machine.  They want Trump gone by any acceptable means.  And they are determined to get it done.  Comey was the way to get it done, they believed.  Keep the drip, drip, drip of Russia, collusion, and obstruction going forward -- and have the media feed that beast 24/7 -- until finally Trump trips himself and falls into the cesspool.  That was the plan.  It failed.

Citizens must remain vigilant.  And stay involved.  Still, today is Sunday, a day of rest.  The Lion in the White House -- the one with the golden mane -- has eaten well this past week and now is licking his paws.  He will rest this evening.  Then he will rise tomorrow and hunt again.  Trust me, it's his nature.  It's all about winning for America.